Baja Shirt

The famous Mexican baja shirt is more commonly known as the baja hoodie and can be found at for cheaper than any other place on the internet.

This style of sweater is very popular among the Jamaican and Hippie communities.  The Jamaicans love rasta clothing and the rasta hoodie is a perfect fit.  The rasta colors are red, green, yellow and black.

The hippies prefer hemp material and while the baja pullover shirt looks like it is made of hemp, it is actually more like a Mexican blanket material.  They are made of acrylic and cotton.  They no longer itch like they did in the 70’s but they still have the same look about them.

If you are looking for a  hippie Halloween costume or just want a soft sweater to keep you warm, you need to pick up one of these sweatshirts.  They carry both earth ragz and senor lopez brands at Mexican Threads.  You also get free shipping on all orders to the U.S. so hurry and get one.