Baja Shirts Wholesale

The new trend of 2010 is the baja hoodie and many companies are looking to carry these popular Mexican baja ponchos in their stores.  There are not many places to find baja shirts wholesale but the best prices are at for large bulk orders.

Wholesale baja shirts usually only apply to companies that can afford to purchase very large quantities at a time but Mexican Threads starts to offer discounts on orders as low as 10 shirts.  The great discounts are for people that are ordering over 100 baja hoodies wholesale at a time.  But the little companies need a price break at a lower quantity and Mexican Threads realizes that.  So head over and browse their inventory to see if they have the styles that you would like to sell in your store.

The mexican baja jerga pullover is a great item to have in any store.  This style is not going anywhere and they are guaranteed to sell.  They are more than just hippie  hoodies and drug rugs now.  They are being worn by the lower class as well the upper class and everyone in between.