Mexican blanket hoodie

Mexican Blanket Hoodies are known as drug rug hoodies or bajas and found at Mexican Threads.

baja hoodie

The great news is that these blankets are very durable, which makes them even better suited to being cut up, washed, sewn and re-arranged. They are machine washable and almost stain resistant because they are made of an acrylic cotton blend and are such a tight weave.

Obviously, the most common use of these blankets are for just that, a blanket. However, they are also becoming more and more popular as Mexican decor for fiesta or Mexican themed parties and events. Everyone and their dogs now at least attend or host a Cinco de Mayo party, even if they are not Hispanic and don’t even know any Hispanic people. It has become almost as American as Labor day or memorial day in that is is almost universally known and celebrated. Most major cities throughout the US even host parties and parades. These blankets make the perfect decor. Throw them on the table for a quick tablecloth. Throw them on the wall or over the couch to hide your crap and to add that needed splash of color.

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