Serapes (Mexican Blankets)

The Mexican Serape (Sarape) blanket, like those found at, is the article most often associated with Mexican décor.  The colorful blankets are popular at Mexican restaurants and are instantly recognized by all as 100% Mexican.  There is no better way to add the flare of Mexico to any event or fiesta than the these blankets.

The serapes are available in a variety of bright, vibrant colors.  Each blanket has one dominant color, which constitutes the widest stripe in the blankets, woven together with other colored stripes of varying degrees of width. The pattern is repeated throughout the blanket, ending with a four to five inch fringe on each end.  

The sizes of the sarapes vary, with the largest, known as the matrimonial large enough to cover a queen size bed and the smallest perfect for use as a placemat.  While cheap imitations do exist, the truly authentic Serape blankets are all hand made on wooden looms. 

Although the popularity of the Mexican blanket  has spread through the country of Mexico and are often available anywhere tourists can be found, they are predominantly produced in the Tlaxcala region of southern Mexico. 

 The entire region is dedicated to the production of the Serape blankets. Families will often work their looms around the clock to supply the increased demand for this symbol of Mexico. 

They are a must have at any fiesta event and look great as a tablecloth, table runner, placemat, or just as a centerpiece.  The Mexican sarape blanket are also popular for use as a couch cover, curtains, seat covers, rug, or bedspread.  The uses are endless.  Buy your Mexican blankets today at